Welcome To The Wolds, Horncastle Lincs.

Nestled at the base of the Lincolnshire Wolds, a small market town (pop. ±6,000), an  Historic centre and lately known for it's antique, fashion coutre, curio & bric-a-brac shops.

 small shoppable High St
Dinky sized High St

Benefitting from being on the coast road to Skegness, tourists find Horncastle an inexpensive fuel stop, and increasingly, stay for their holiday, as the countryside is a relaxing bonus compared to the nearby crowded sea fronts.

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A town built on an easy N,S,E,W layout of a central conservation area sporting many bric-a-brac shops.

  Old aircraft and war books in bookshop window
✈  RAF Attractions & Memorablia ✈

Sheltered from all sides, perhaps the only place in the UK to not get any snow in one of the coldest March's (2013), or rain & wind in the heavy storms of 2014.

  long straight biking hiking trail with old rail bridge arch in distance
Walking, Hiking & Cycling

The meteo forecast invariably unreliable and a thorn in the side of large rolling   Geographical counties like Lincolnshire, close to the on-sea breeze, with deep river valleys to North and South.

  Health Food Shopfront
Small Independent Shops

Hotels, B&B, Chalets and Guest Houses let one plan a vacation with   Shopping missions or trips to the surrounding countryside, seaside & attractions, whilst Restaurants, Tearooms & Takeouts provide varied cuisine.

  Warmly lit small bar-ista area with glass cabinets and deli
Fine Food & Drinks

Photo opportunities around the Grade 2 listed parish church, the old Georgian pubs & wharf buildings, tend to be rich in ornament.

  Cieling hung with flags globes and etc
Antiques, Ornaments, Replacement Crockery

Vintage vehicle shows, and coastal runs-out, can bring old characters and familiar British engine notes from one's youth, with days of amusement and rememberance.

  Autumn leaves and trees down a gated track
A Different View To Consumerism

Horncastle's two or three rivers, surrounding woods and rolling countryside afford much   Spiritual wildlife and spotting photography, with the antiquity trade and host of small historic shops providing more quaint photogenic fayre.

  Blue Plaque on side of Sir Joseph Bank's 1775 Palace Assizes building on the High St
Town Blue Plaque Trail

A slower pace of   Living away from the Motorways and bracing sea air combine to make a healthy and memorable   Vacation, many visitors coming back to Lincolnshire for more holidays.

  Small sewing shop frontage
Practical Hobby Shops

Local produce appeals to common sense, purse strings and taste, with Grimsby, Pasture and Crops in close proximity providing a   Self-Help to the people and economy.

  market stall with row of hats on dummy heads
Thursday & Saturday Traders

Special Markets, Fayres, Festivals, Fetes & Celebrations maintain countrylife seasonal traditions and give visitors a glimpse of Britishness.

Ice Notice at Belmont Tower epicentre
Biblical Events

One of the tallest towers in Europe already up at 450ft asl at Belmont, providing a foci for   Disaster, the earthquake epicentre of 2008, not quite bad enough to call on    Superman ..

v.small animated critter eating stalks

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