Foriegn Holidays, Disasters Abroad

In my childhood, travelling on a DC10 eventually became known as a deathwish, as doors fell off as regularly as in a Charlie Chaplin film. One would have thought that alone would have spawned a Stay-cation industry, but it never seemed to deter people - it was the Sixties, times were fun, Man was going to the Moon. Holidaying Britons and Americans were welcomed, admittedly more for their Foreign Currency. Since 9/11, Kosovo, Iraq, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Palestine, the word is out, and the financial climate has changed, and is changing through into 2012 . .



Worldwide Holiday Costs Barometer


The Financial Times were hi-liting that Thomas Cook's shares have nosedived, losing 80% of their value this year alone, with an estimation of at least 5% price hikes.    RYANAIR  look to be exhibiting 12% rises in the coming months. It's getting to the point where next year's EXTRA costs of a foreign family holiday will pay for an entire British break!! As the €uro looks on it's last legs, Greece, Italy and Ireland can't expect anymore tax payers money. France is doing their bit to try and stay afloat by stinging 200,000 Brits for a  third tax on their beloved holiday homes, which will see many paying thousands more a year. It's clear that Brits aren't so readily welcomed anymore, and that's just financially.

  jumbo jet silhouette flying into orange sunset
13,000 stranded in Turkey
after holiday firm collapse

"Venomous Debauchery" -(Nostradamus 1555)

A little more sinister is the mad dangerous drink and drugs culture in the countries bordering the Islamic World.   Spain's satellite late night porn has long been a thorn in the side of North Africa, even after being relegated to 30West and the Atlantic area. The Casinoes of Monte Carlo just an abomination to those scratching a subsistence living across the Mediterranean Sea. Now more than ever the cultures are colliding, and what respect we might have had in that part of the World has evaporated. An internet search now shows hundreds of cases of   rape, murder and hostage taking. Even without the Islamics lending a visible hand, the cut-drug culture of the Baleariacs is putting 3 Brits a week on ventilators or in   coffins. That's more casualties then all the    missile  massacred Moslem Wedding Parties put together. If you're expecting any type of justice abroad your faith must surely be shaken by the couple from Salop that died within days of each other in Morocco, in seperate   'accidental' falls.
humorous cartoon Yosemite sam character bouncing on camel back with rifle
Since the Mogadishu debacle, that part of the Islamic World has become bolder, and parts of Kenya aren't safe, with   kidnapping a bargaining chip as potent as any Guantanamo detention. In Venezuala and the rest of Central and South America, political meddling from Port Stanley to the jungles of Colombia has ensured a pasty white skin an   unsurprising welcome . Even for a Florida holiday, many in the know practice their Spanish and start a tan in a salon before flying out, lest they become   prey.

 Gov't Travel Advisories 

Post 2012 and things seemingly getting worse; the advent of bizarre and extreme pornography supposedly regulated, but the sexual hazing of one girl by  two dozen men making the headlines for the Mediterranean resort of Magaluf.

Flood, Fire, Earthquake, Diarrhoea

Small tv screengrab of humungous ashcloud with newsticker across bottom The weather and other disasters take their fair share of casualties, with holiday makers regularly having to make for the airport as Hurricanes and Earthquakes, Fire and Flood, hit the areas they're trying to enjoy. It will be touch and go whether Insurance Companies will deign to pay out, and being rescued by the foreign office can often be face-saving or political posturing rather than any urgent humanitarian motives.

"   ...experienced a technical issue as it was preparing for take-off"
British Airways

Should you need medical treatment and a stretcher for any reason, the airlines may baulk at carrying you, and renting a Lear jet can be a bit prohibitive to cash flow.
Here in Lincolnshire, the Council has just instituted a 5star sticker for hygiene in eateries. Very few 'warm climate' countries have those benefits. Another search shows a whole mini industry of lawyers and advisors relying on people being maimed by   Food Poisoning abroad. If you think you've had a 'Delhi Belly' from the local high st. curry house, wait until you get a proper dose.

 NHS   Travel Advice 

Flying Crashing

Airplane problems have been quite common in Europe this year with first Eyjaffjokull volcano and then Grimsvotn, and later Etna all adding to delays and cancellations - is 2012 likely to be any easier?. If I haven't put you off a foreign holiday caper yet, then the case of the Doncastrians landing on a slipway, instead of the main runway, at the Airport in Cyprus, will perhaps make you wonder how   safe air travel is. If you've struggled to understand a Geordie or Yorkie than take a moment to think of the poor Turk/Cypriot Air Traffic Controllers.

 Emergency & Disaster Breaking Newsfeeds 

   "..a golden era of aircraft safety.." 

Post 2012 and Malaysian Airlines losing two packed Jumbo's full of souls in a season, pretty much  
putting paid
to the carrier.... MH370's rumourmill had it flying on, in circles, landing on an Island, going to extreme altitude...if it hit the ashcloud that was erupting from  
that day, (with a red alert not to fly from Darwin and Jakarta VAACS), then no doubt it could have done all those things, but to have not been found since...points to a time-portal, UFO activity, or just a cover-up of an anxious plane-builder who doesn't want a media circus looking at the new vogue for just 2 Engines...whereas MH17 was spread all over Ukraine with harrowing stories of hundreds of bodies falling from seven miles after a missile strike whilst flying in airspace it,  
once again
, had been warned to keep away from. Being one of the most isolated Airline companies, it's concern for fuel costs seem to be outweighing it's risk assessments. A third crash with no survivors puts Asian airlines under scrutiny and may have European regulators re-enabling a ban that was lifted - in 2008 Indonesian Airliners were fifteen times more likely to drop out of the sky compared to the global average.

747 animation flying at viewer then just over head

v.small animated critter eating stalks

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