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A Holiday wouldn't be complete without laying listening to all the unfamiliar sounds, on an unfamiliar bed, surrounded by laundry aroma, and spotting the Bible on the bedside cabinet shelf. I've often wondered why people content themselves with that doctored book - the King James version of 'what ye shall readeth'. Many people find out that the Good Book was also cut about by a Pope or two previously - yet they fail to try and find the Original Holy writings, or any unbiased commentary on the Life and Times of The Messiah.

What's also galling is when an investigative scientist "Indiana Jones" type ties in real geological or astrological events, and 'believers' totally ignore the years of work and cross referencing of proofs, prefering instead to sit cuddling, or even to go to War over their incomplete little leather bound worry blanket. So presented here are a few interesting reads for those who would have Eyes and Ears.

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The Tibetan Gospel
Monasteries standing at average heights of over 12,000ft overlooking the Holy Lands, it would be strange indeed if the Messiah passed close by without their Abbots knowing.

The Lost Years of Jesus
"Issa said that man had filled the temples with his abominations. In order to pay homage to metals and stones, man sacrificed his fellows in whom dwells a spark of the Supreme Spirit."... sound familiar?

Jesus in the East
His time in the East stretched into years, all documented and cross-referenced.

Lobsang Rampa
A different set of   paperbacks could be found in pre-www. book stores that explained alot & offered not just International friendship, but Universal.

The Apochrypha
Offering more texts and writings, the Wisdom of Solomon gives a particularly caring & healthy approach to life problems.

 The Hebrew Torah 
It's ironic that the most familiar religious books are touted by peoples who probably need to re-read them..

The Koran
The bite size nature of most of the Verses, much like the Torah texts, were passed down to be learnt, so society might stay civillised and people didn't go back to knocking each other over the head with ever bigger sticks.

The Nazarenes
It's still possible to follow the Spiritual path of a Nazarene, and not just get off the Hamster Wheel, but think out of it's box too..

The Essenes
The southern , Children of Zadok The Priest

But what came before all these Holy sects, trying to preserve the Laws and an astute way of life, handed down to them from antiquity...

 Cassandra Anaya 
A talented lady bringing authentic Feng Shui to the West. Even if it is all Chinese to you, the pleasant, resourceful and ancient ways may help to focus and put you better in touch with yourself.

 Maurice Cotterell 
The man who had a leap of insight whilst within a Mayan Temple, and decoded their ancient inscriptions, leading to a host of fascinating books in order to fund his continuing work. 
Debunking the Apollo Mission. As a five year old I struggled to understand how a bottle rolled into camera view whilst watching men on the's nice to have it explained years later. The fact Stonehenge mimicks Cydonia on Mars is quite a-musing.

 Graham Hancock 
One of the original decoders of The Giza Pyramids, he did have a start from earlier explorers, but not Napolean, who insisted on trying to use French metres and decimals, instead of Egyptian fractions, like 44/14...

 Atlantis Writings 
Sooner than we think, Iceland, which was borne by the spreading Atlantic Fault, will spread too far, and in one cataclysm, disappear without trace, and no-one will believe, after 10,000 years, that the oldest parliament on Earth ever existed there..

 Subterranean Cities 
Right on the edge of left field for anyone who has no knowledge of ancient archaeology, but seems to tie in with other sites I've seen that have come and gone.

vegetarian ploughmans  lunch

After being immersed in such  sites, and endless books since being a teenager, one of the changes I'm glad I made was to my diet. Spiritually, stopping the consuming of dead bodies was a satisfying step that I struggled to make whilst at home....

"……  "someone fetch a priest…… "
Read on for a bit of a ...

Health Sermon

If a people follow the morals of those around them, they're liable to become misguided. Pack mentality and peer pressure do harm in every walk of society, and industrial scale farming, slaughter and production purely for profit, paves the way for brutal disregard.. The ice age is long over - the caveman scavenging of cadavers can stop. No doubt 'Thanksgiving' ( a selfish hedonists orgy of destruction until 'sated' ) and Christ Mass will be full of the joys of dead birds and cut down trees. Treat your body like it's still in an ice age and it will die off and be open to dis-ease. Many of the fruits of the Earth that will boost immunity are available in winter - Nuts, chocolate nuts, pureed nuts, fruits, seeds, fresh-canned-frozen vegetables - there is no reason to consume death & decay. Half of the continued Big Pharma scam relies on you being a Zombie consumer, unthinking and uncaring.   The Breast Cancer 'Industry', full of false positives, would probably halt if people started eating with spiritual concern instead of Satanic Lust. Today's harvest festivals are bereft of the Flax, Hemp, Rye, Oats and Barley that got us so far for so long....

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 Country Kitchen, North St. 

Although greengrocers & healthfood shops are pennies more expensive, you'll be eating less often and especially between meals, if you buy quality instead of quantity...

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All this high protien baloney, succulent satiation and al denté death, won't help people one iota as it is Vitamin D deficiency and lack of Sun, in   Northern Climes that causes malaise and illness. All too often it's only a side portion of veg, the potatoes, onion, and the cup of tea afterwards, that is doing anything for health. Surprising ways in which Winter becomes a killer have little to do with hypothermia. Further dis-ease can be expected from the growth hormones and anti-biotics pumped into the creatures; the area where they were injected supposedly cut out, but all too often finding it's way into the food-chain. The animal fat,   processing and putrification (a dead body never gets any fresher) believed to be the culprit behind the West's high disease rates. Studies on Chinese, Buddhist, Seventh Day Adventists and other large vegetarian groups, always find more health and longevity compared to the 'developed' world. Toxins tend to accumulate up the Food Chain, so levels of chemicals are always high in milk and meat.

   Vitamin B12 Myths & Lies Busted 

Loaves and Ichthyosaurs

ancient church stairs with modern health & safety notice accepting no responsibility Many 'Christians' sell-fishly point to a few verses of the few chapters of a book re-written in later centuries long after Christ died. Not many stop to   consider that much of the original wise texts were heavily into the use of symbols & allegories, and much was lost on later commentaters dying of lead poisoning in a decaying Empire.  Ancient writings make more sense than the Bible. There are no mad Emperors pouring boiling lead on vegetarians, even Tesco and the Foods Standards Agencies admit that 5 fruit and veg a day can be of benefit, although they still fall short of saying 5 lumps of dead body are a sad recipe for disaster. From working in an Animal Feeds lab for the first few years of my worklife: Seeing the household paint used to bulk 'pigs swill'. The calfs being fed parts of their parents; the stench of half rotted fish used as 'protein'. The Sulphur fed to winged beings to get their egg the right color for consumers. The mineral blocks that farm animals are given that have to be handled with gloves.. I've yet to notice any change for the worse in becoming vegetarian.. This  Christ Mass I would thoroughly recommend 'just the trimmings', let the Turkeys do the Gobbling.

  Wheat is Toxic. 


Changing a diet that's been dependent on meat really becomes a shift in spirit. A switch to the caring deathless diet, for me, involved reading one or two vegetarian nutrition books, just to assure myself. For so long, recieving school   milk, force fed meat, being lectured by parents - themselves brainwashed by the meat and milk marketing boards, Big Farmer, Big Pharma, and clueless 'Doctors'. I worked with a building full of PhD animal nutritionists - many struggled to tie their own shoelaces or were unable to calculate simple budgets, but were experts at hard selling unrequired 'supplements' to beleagured and bemused farmers. So sprang 'organic' farming, free from the dangerous shifts and imbalances of chemical farming...

  Lazy Omnivore Myths 

Any sort of switch, to more of your favourite fruit; to vegetarian pastes, nutella, peanut butter, jams sandwich spreads; to sourcing vegetarian ready meals; looking at the green option on menues when eating out, etc, all of these will slowly change habits and tastebuds. There's much to be said for going to the vegan extreme for a week, then back to vegetarian.
I accomplished my change to wholemeal bread this way by buying deli schwarzbröt and pumpernickel rye breads. It was made easier by swapping white refined sugar for demerera at the same time. Almost imperceptably,   white bread - tasteless, fibreless, cottonwool, prepacked malnutrition - became what it is - useless.
Something Big Pharma doesn't want you to have is the great ability to resist dis-ease. To this end, cashews, peanuts and seed rich foods will make for a robust nature. If you've always enjoyed the satisfaction of cracking walnuts, or dissecting shattered hazlenuts, maybe the roasting get-together of chestnuts - why leave it to once a year holiday treats?

  RELAX properly for your holyday!  

Big Mac

fish stood by a man, same size It was a similar image to this that keeps me away from fish recipes. I always figured little fish out of a can were one of the exceptions I was willing to make, classing them with prawns, crab etc. But of course, Dolphins get caught in Tuna nets because they're a similar sized fish...

For the US, going to the Mall, or beach drive thru, can become a hard habit to break. But fries, veggie burger with cheese, pickles, milk shake etc doesn't entail killing anything or stripping the Amazon for 2yr beef 'farms'. Once again, the fizzy drink bares little resemblance to the Dr.Pepper or Spritzer sold from the back of quack wagons as 'cure-alls' two centuries ago. Drinking   sugar and acid from metal containers is almost guaranteed to give you a debilitating brain disease by senior years. Ask the Romans - whose society collapsed with the help of twisted Gospels and lead poisoned chalices.. Swapping to orange juice will probably have the same effect as many citrus juice concentrate plants have aluminium piping, not to mention the  Pasteurisation which leaves you drinking toxic sweetened water... It seems the Brit's love of tea is born of health effects for once.
So what do I eat then?, I'm often asked by people tucking into roast dead body, with potatoes, cranberry sauce, yorkshire pudding, sage and onion stuffing, carrots, beans and peas on their plate... Irony anyone?

  Cheap Vegetable Oil Dangers  

The original Gospels mention specifically to eat only 2 to 3 ingredients with any meal, eat only a Mina or two in weight (Mina ~ Pound), and eat just in daylight hours, which as  Dr.'s Mercola & Hyman point out, equates to a wonderful easy fasting regimen of over a dozen hours a day. Your biggest muscle is the colon - letting it rest for a while instead of eating gives quite a surprising energy lift.
.... Quite often, just a bag of Chinese Wok chips, with garlic or mint or ketchup etc, is more than enough to go to sleep on. Similarly, a shop bought cheese and onion quiche, warmed, with a sauce and bread, needs nothing to go with it. Simplifying meals to healthy snacks, cuts right back on consumerist fuel expenditure..

"For if you eat living food, the same will quicken you, but if you kill your food, the dead food will kill you also"
Try a   Google Search with that.

Herbs and   spices are an often overlooked source of nutrition and healing. Not only altering flavours subtly, but often THE missing flavour in a recipe. Many people wouldn't miss the frankfurters or burgers off a hot-dog stall, but take away the onions and there would be rebellion!   Candlesby Herb Garden  is 10 miles East of Horncastle on the way to the coast.

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