AIDs & STDs Holiday Souvenir?

STD poster lady lower torso legs panties knee burns all you need to catch an std Most singles or 18-40 holidays have sex as a theme, and   Lincolnshire, has seen more action than most...

Proselytising "The Lifestyle" may prove too difficult...the swapping free-for-all learnt in the swinging sixties is entrenched in suburbia and work-stations across the West.   The Independent hi-liting the monied sector of the UK who are under the illusion that social standing will protect them adequately. Unfortunately, this is no longer 1964, but 50yrs on, and the crippling diseases have added one or two incurable weapons to their arsenal, that could yet put paid to much of mankind. It's unfortunate the swinging-community often label none-swingers as miserable, straight, square, etc.. thinking themselves as always right and positive, and never wrong or negative...such a mindset can all too easily lead to the pride that goes before a fall.

  Spotting Employee Addiction

Interviews conducted of swingers show a 'safe' condom wearing   Utopia where only one silly person has ever contracted HIV....reminiscent of the first days in Greenwich Village NY, in the seventies, as the disease took hold out there. The lengths they go to to take a chance with their life and health is unbelievable. Literally. As from what I've seen and heard of the reality, it's a bare-back riding rodeo session where    AIDS  is already running at 2.5times that found in working-girls and needle addicts.
"Potentially they [swingers] may act as an STI transmission bridge to the entire population."
British Medical Journal
Growing up through the seventies, I'd always subconciously felt very uncomfortable amongst posh, plastic suburbia and it's 'Stepford wives', feeling this wasn't   the way life's meant to be. Prefering the company of tattooed Bikers - I know why now, I was halving my chances of catching something incurable.

  More & More from Less & Less

Hero to Sero


pretty evil looking beauty with runny nose but not all you may catch from her Sero-converting for aids is a difficult debilitating time as the body realises it is defeated and makes the anti-body count go off the chart. Some people feel nothing, others have night hots, fevers and sweats; a cold, cold-sore etc.. Being tested for HIV during this transition time may give a negative result, and it might not be until weeks later that the disease can be traced in the blood. From what I've seen, those suffering during this time may show angst, including stepping up risk-taking behaviour or having more of an itch to scratch; trying different alternative 'therapies' along with comfort eating and throwing off orderly habits for false feelings of freedom. People die in their spirit long before disease takes hold. It's difficult to judge when AIDS dementia starts...isn't it demented behaviour that starts the ball rolling?...

"Sharing partners, knowingly and unknowingly, is now believed to be a major factor . . . . since diseases move quickly through sexual networks."

The eventual   symptom list for AIDS is frighteningly long; medical authorities saying you can live a long and active life taking retro-viral drugs are being economical with the truth. It's also quite frightening that in the US, especially, some of the homosexuals are becoming   bug-hunters and going out to try and catch the disease to remove the angst of partying, and get down to the nitty-gritty without repeated pangs of conscience.

  Tolerating Workplace

If you think you've probably been exposed to HIV because of your lifestyle and are frightened to get a test, then I can only tell you the story of my last girlfriend in '98, a heroin-addict from the city who felt sure she'd test positive, and going through a marriage break-up, had resigned to starving herself ready for a massive overdose. I looked after her pets as the authorities took her into detox and she got find she was negative after years of, what must have been 'careful', abuse.

Adam & Eve Of Destruction

a gallery of hiv positive people

The hullaballoo about those who've tested positive for HIV is somewhat sick in itself, with a dozen or more shiny new websites with 'Positive' in their title. The  stories and testimonies range from the innocent who caught disease through tainted transfusion, to the hard core porn 'actresses', of Hollywood. Some people play a dangerous game of seeing if they can spot the disease in people, but a gallery of their faces shows only a range of devastation.....from those caught out by their spouse straying, and yet glad to be still alive; the shattered dream and ugly schemes of retribution; the risky money making allure of amateur unregulated pornography; the suicidal embarrassment and grief...occasionally the cunning slyness of those who then go out to criminally infect their percieved enemy...

What would make people put themselves at risk of such destruction?

  Drug Effects

To a certain extent the risk taking comes with various mental syndromes. Borderline imbecility must be the Queen of mental health & psychoanalysis the skull shape is pretty much proven to play a part; in criminal psychology the width of the eyes; in sexual studies the prowess of the nasal area and lips in 'as above, so below' studies of motivation and libido; in birth defects, the Foetal Alcohol Syndrome and addictive personaliities etc, etc..
What is true is that far from clearing up the diseases, things are getting worse. It's nearly a generation since the last public information films on HIV and STDs, and todays sons and daughters are being assaulted by waves of caustic internet porn available in two clicks. Meanwhile the Tv is almost Islamic in Britain, failing even to have regular sex guide programming, or anything explicit in romantic latenight films. It's no wonder the coming generation may struggle with values.

  Sex & Drugs & Ball & Chain

It also seems incredible to me that HIV isn't notifiable, especially at  work within the UK, but is in many other countries and US States.  Aids dementia is progressive and it should be an advantage to an employee to tell of their illness to avoid early performance related dismissal and get disability recognition. People are liable to tell their employer about afflictions like epilepsy and diabetes, yet a secretary or low-paid shopfloor person could well work their way sexually through senior management in a series of quickies and affairs to inflict them all with what still amounts to a death sentence. Criminal transmission of HIV is more common than people would think, and the burden of proof lies with the infected. With their T-receptor brain cells compromised, many AIDs victims infect 10's or    hundreds of others  to 'even things up'.

  In Black & White

In the late 80's my auntie, a native of Hamburg Germany, was left on her own close to middle age by the death of her mother, who she'd cared for throughout her life. Deciding to hunt a partner for the rest of her years, her choice was unfortunate. The guy was a closet 'bi' and got his kicks in the St. Pauli Reeperbahn clubs. He died in the 90's, and bequeathed my auntie a slow and lingering death, which duly happened in the noughties; but not before she'd lost her marbles and spent, spent, spent, and leaving her Will, promised elsewhere within the family, to a Cat's Home. C'est La Vie, the popular 60's fun-loving    Health & Efficiency  / Naturist sect of Europe, some who thought nothing of partner swapping, are low in numbers now.

  Helping 'Coke Heads'

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