Horncastle's East & South Street Shops & Photos

East St. & South street often neglected by the casual visitor, but the antiques hunters know there are rich pickings a little ways down both roads. The original pre-turnpike East St was Banks St at the rear which wove into a Spilsby   Lane after passing a windmill up the hill a ways. South St. was the Roman vecus, held in the Sun south of the fort (note to town planners), in it's protection, as were the 'Cags' or vag-a-bonds stabled near Waring St where the wall guards could keep an eye on the potential troublemakers. Native Americans also kept their loons with their animals, speaking of which, the Doris Banham   dog rescue charity shop is worth a browse as a 'bring & buy' type of sale is going on there constantly on South St.
(Shops, Pubs & even Banks, come & go. This is a snapshot of the town at that time)

East Street

Antiques building standing across manicured lawn
"Grass is greener"

The last shop in the 30mph limit on East St., it has regular stock renewal and also a smalls outlet at 12 Bridge St., just off the market.

green painted corner shop
"Shaw thing"

Almost immediately Mr Shaw's cornerstone of Horncastle antiquary comes into view, Laurence an avid collector himself, enjoying medieval artefacts.

Church Antiques
 church lawns from across street thru old coloured glass
"Repleated Uranium"

Looking out of Laurence's & directly opposite is Clare Boam's Trinity church, with a little antique pram display in good weather.

Holy Trinity Church
golden display of lifelike ornamental wild birds
"Wild Wing"

The Trinity church known for it's figurines and countryphile pieces, these birds flashing up well.

another corner shop stretching down the road

The guitar people expanding down the block into a previous salon.

More Guitars
3 obviously older cased bakerlite era instruments
"Time scale"

Old Hat specialising in the prominent instruments that are saved more for their owners famousness and being pieces of memorablia.

More Antiques
shop frontage in the sun

Clare Boam's emporium, including many dealer stands, so a wealth & variety of diverse items.

Antiquarian Books.
Green bookshop in Georgian terrace

One of the booksellers in the town, Tim's a smørgasbord of bodice rippers & latin dictionaries. The 'bookmaker' of the town next door.

Trinity Parking
extensive corner shop
"Funeral Tyre"

Trinity church with a loading/parking area at the rear.

Georgian Town House
Large railinged multi storey house & garden square

A good example of early Victoriana / Georgian living, a house straight out of the Time Machine.

looking down into sunlit yard busy with items

The old funeral parlour yard at Great Expectations housing troughs & chimneys, gnomes and wheels....more at North St.

gorgeous colourful toy car display
"Lesney Friends"

Laurence's toy car collection up for sale. After many years of play, I moved to display, but my mum got fed up with the dusting and sold them all one day while I was at school...mmmm, Laurence recently married..

South Street

Memorial Garden
rose beds & sunny lawns

The gardens opposite the South St. chip-shop offering a few benches for pie & pea picnics.

More Antiques!
shop frontage & window

George Baker's one of the oldest dealers in the town.

Long arched window frontage of antique dealers

Specialising in authentic upmarket victoriana of a world perpetually hidden from commoners - the indoor aviaries, childrens toy carriages, Rolls Royce estate runarounds etc.

More Antiques
a couple of scale model childrens carriages in window display

Perhaps pulled by a hound for the kids amusement, a pricey fore runner of the pedal car.

The Old Drill Hall
Early victorian hall with antiques signage

The drill hall folks employing a little of the dealer stand formula, ensuring quality through competition.

Drill Hall Interior
Ariel view of green carpeted hall with lines of polished wooden furniture
"Get In Line"

Space, the final frontier. Although much like a church hall, a bit of space and light allows a better browsing and viewing experience.

Police Station
pet shop display
"Cop Shop"

The old lock-up now mainly used for lost property and bicycles, but a good example of a mid-victorian Peeler abode.

Stanhope Hall
Hall at dusk with Belisha beacon to crossing caught lit, Union Jack hanging

The Town Hall rescued from Council demolition. What level of strangeness is required for a town's residents rescuing their buildings from the County Council?

Light green long tattooist shop

With piercings done I feel 'allsorts' of jokes coming on ; the shop one of the oldest in the town, pre-dating the canal dig.

Fish & Chip shop
white chip shop front extension to houses
"Just Maid It"

The Mermaid the 'other' chippy in Horncastle, with one on the market. Alot of driveby's, and people picnicking across the way in the memorial park.

South St Financial District
Street corner

The start of South St dominated by businesses taking up shopfronts, when the majority of their trade doesn't need a shop window. Solicitors, Pensions & Estate Agents could all do the shopping area a favour, and decrease their rates, by moving to side streets.

Public House
snowy pub sign with buildings beyond evoking the stagecoach era

The Ship Inn the furthest sea-going sloops could reach up the Witham/canal link.

v.small animated critter eating stalks

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