Horncastle's North St. & Fleece Court

Many visitors discover North St. by staying at the Rodney Hotel, or the Bull just down the road. It's the original Roman Road that dropped down from the route   north of Hemingby & Farthorpe - Belchford & Tetford's quarries to Burgh and Wainfleet salt pans and harbour. From the medieval area near the Bullring, a small Vecus & tent camp would have supplied the Romans with many of their baser needs. Perhaps they went to a   hairdresser, Indigo up the top of the narrow Fleece Court pretty impossible to take a photo of.
(Shops, Pubs & even Banks, come & go. This is a snapshot of the town at that time)

primarily blue lit shop window display of clothing & accesories
"Swell Ideas"

The first shop, originally 1, 3 & 5 North St, not without a long history, backing onto the Fleece Pub area. Jo & Co keeping a warm welcome.

Coffee House
Georgian Coffee House frontage with sailing ship-style bay window
"Bagel Bay"

The window of Jof's at 7 North St. Many Hotel customers and local shop owners gaining refreshment at the family run food stop. Early morning opening providing a refuge from the school run.

aerial view of buildings with shop from across street
"Up The Junction"

Kemp's old scrap & hardware the mainstay of tradesmen unwilling to pay box-shifter franchise prices

Old Co-Op
white pet parrot amongst antiques display of ornaments

Clare Boam's parrot Chester at the old Co-Op up North St guards the till with a beak only too willing to bite..

Hotel Teas & Coffees
aerial view of the central hotel patio garden for outdoor drinks in Sun despite being surrounded by building

The sunny courtyard where Rodney customers can have a quiet drink & rest.

dark brown double shopfront of angling shop
"Pike & Sidecarp"

The Fishing shop morphing into antiques, opposite the Rodney hotel...

Beauty Salon
obvious hardware shop frontage newly painted in cream

The guy who ran the bike shop at Alford opening a small store then quickly leaving, a beauty salon in it's place.

Italian Restaurant
Old whitewashed & black beamed style pub turned restaurant frontage

The signage just visible from the Rodney doorway, helping guests find an alternative and stretch their legs.

Antiques & Cafe
extensive corner shop in buttercream & black
"Tableux & Chaise"

Lucy & Jez's antiques & cafe on the Conging street corner.

pub owner in middle of sanding down pub with step-ladders out
"Nick knack"

Old Nick's brewing their own now. Regular Live music.

Antiques shop of individual stands

The antiques shop up Fleece court flourishing with dealer stands adding to variety.

War Memorial Centre
gathering of old soldiers outside old hospital building

RF Holistics one of the businesses in the War Memorial Centre which provides the focus for the 11/11 services. Colonel Dymoke, The Queens Champion, welcomed me to the town during a brief meeting there in 2004

Fashion Clothing
Shop frontage from across street at height
"Nick's Neighbour"

First clothing quietly kits out the town and surrounds with semi-designer gear.

Tanning Salon
White shopfrontage taken with flash at night
"Cuticle & Cubicle"

If you keep walking in a circle past the Red Cross & Jewellers, you'll go under into the Fleece Arcade where, ironically, one can get a tan.

Hobby Shop
warmly lit shop window full of cake decorations & craft things taken at night
"Ho Ho Ho"

The Horncastle Hobby House & Cake Art ladies keep a super little display at the top of North St.

Sweet Shop
Obvious old time sweet shop display, pink candies

Thankfully adjacent the Health Food shop....Horncastle's Sweet Treats getting ready for Easter.

Woolpack Buildings
aerial view of 3storey terrace of 3 shops
"Shop Sewy"

Mid North St with the Excellenté antiques, Hobby House & King's Treasure chinese restaurant

Health Food & Hair Salon
A pair of shopfronts, green healthfood & white hairdressers

Another helpful shopping oppurtunity opposite The Rodney, with wholefoods & trims available

pet shop display with large chew bone & bags of dry food
"To & Fro lick"

Difficult to get a good photo up the little Fleece arcade but they managed it for their webpage.

Old Co-Op Antiques
Old Bronx Victorian brick & girder shop aerial view
"High Society"

Clare Boam's old Co-Operative. Many of these were built to this design, the one at Cleethorpes particularly similar.

Chinese Restaurant
obvious chinese restaurant red shopfront
" 良好的飲食 "

Bruce's chinese probably the busiest with Take-out orders and occasional parties. As a vegetarian, it's my local.

corner premises in cream stucco and green, shop, door and arcade tunnel to right

Clarke's Jewellers often having inexpensive fun items in the window, ornaments & accesories



At the top of North St, the grooming salon for dogs. Funny how no-one tries to trim their cat..

pleasant sunny shot of two buttercream coloured shops with navy coloured signage

The hardware store closing but Turners Directors still operating. I think the shop may yet morph into something else.

v.small animated critter eating stalks

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