Horncastle & The Wolds Photographs

The photo albums at Picasa are a little large to just trawl through, so I thought I'd present some of my favourites that aren't seeing use on the blogposts. The setting is the Horncastle, Louth, Skegness triangle, essentially the Area of Outstanding Natural   Beauty, or the Lincs Wolds.

Southshore Flowerbed
Bee busy on a flower in a multicolor wolds flowerbed
"Been There, Done That!"

The colourful simplicity made this a choice, the naturalness overcoming any undue busy-ness.

Tower Gardens Skegness
A flowery Tower Gardens arch entrance at Skegness showing trees going into autumnal color
"Den Again!"

A quite good balance for one of my photos, the trees giving depth and richness to the side portion of flowerbed

Big Chair Co. Horncastle
Plush padded antique upholstered suite in drawing room shop display
"Toffy Suite"

You won't see a display like this at the Ikea's - evocative of Edwardian grandeur.

North Sea Lifeboat
Lifeboat at sea being thrown a line from caterpillar submersible tractor
"Poacher Line"

I was very much on dry ground taking this, and with a camera-phone too. The Lifeboat readying for winch ashore.

Cloud Over Dogger Bank
Opening in clouds showing high geothermal lines of earthquake cloud
"The Simpleton's"

A weak showing of earthquake cloud over Dogger Bank - weak as the North Sea has been de-gassed and thoroughly drilled.

Morris Isis at Horncastle
1960s solidly built clubman woodframe rear Morris Isis
"Eye of the Be Holden"

The sixties equivalent of a Range Rover, wonderful paintjob & curves.

Horncastle Music Shop
Guitars hanging in a shop window with speech bubbles talking about pub for sale in window reflection
"Going For A Song"

This seemed to gel immediately after capture when I saw the chance of the guitars having different characters, and the reflection of the main pub in the throes of being sold...

Great Expectations Antiques
A colourful shelf of old corgi & dinky toy cars in amongst antiques
"Dinky Display"

Clare Boam's 'Great Expectations' having one or two toy car dealer enthusiasts.

Ducks by The Bain
Hundreds of brown ducks standing around under trees

The birds appear en masse if someone starts feeding them. I prefer to feed the fish.

Summer Storm Water
Lorry ploughing through a foot of storm water
"Good Year"

No matter which road you come to town, it's downhill. Horncastle's a puddle waiting to happen.

Jacobean style Furniture
Big old intricately carved furniture piece
"Olde Wolde"

On the upper floor too, somebody did some carrying. A richly carved piece with a good polish.

Skegness Rock Shop
Cuddly toy encroaching humourously into holiday rock candy display
"Rock Mobster"

One of the original images that I started with in the noughties when the blog was on my.opera.com/horncastle

Silvered South Shore
Silver wetlook beach expanse, some sea and clouds, vast emptiness
"Glas Ness"

The Other Worldliness and large area, of around two square miles of emptiness, has an attractive effect.

Yellow Wolds Valley
Other worldly yellow fields bisected by hidden stream
"Old Cyan, Sir"

Another shot out of this Wold - taken at 45mph. Could be one reason for yellow puddles on the sand...

Louth LN11 Aerial View
Row of rich houses taken from on high
"Tennis The Menace"

Taken from St James's Tower, the angle and height and the well kept area make for a satisfying photo.

4door Beetle VW Bug
white VW beetle 4door stretch wedding car
"Well Hello There Lurver"

The pink ribbons, virginal white, and headlight shades giving the impression of bedroom eyes...50x the most popular of all the photos

Windfarm Cloudless Effect
Cloudless corridor above windfarm at the seashore

Britain in trouble, a shallowed heated sea from a fortnight of adverse tectonic movements..

RNLI Skegness Prom.
Skegness Jolly Fisherman sign with Lifeboat station flying RNLI flag
"Net Prophet"

Standing on a wall, with the Sun waxing and waning, the flag becalmed then opened, the camera working then auto standby...

Botton's Funfair Skegness
Large boat fairground ride tilted upto the Sun

The pirate ship in relief at the top of it's swing.

Gift Shop Teddies
Teddy Bears in shop window
"Barely Audible"

The Teddy & Chocolates shop now given over to antiques, up the Fleece Arcade off North St.

Lincs Prominente Flower Festival
Injun sitting amongst a flower tribute display
"Run To The Hills"

The Methodist flower festival over the Diamond Jubilee, with the Capt. John Smith display, first President of the US colonies..

Tea at the Bridge
clean bright tearoom tableaux
"All white"

Over to the west an eatery under new ownership offering a widely varied menu, cleanliness & warmth.

Excellenté Antiques Horncastle
Paddington bear with suspicious like breath condensation on shop window

Bizarre condensation one morning as I went to the shop's cafe area for breakfast..

Limousine at Flower Shop
Limousine outside flowershop with message Horncastle caught in the past, thankfully
"Rose Royce"

The occasional old roller & bentley still to be seen, but usually coming from a car show..

v.small animated critter eating stalks

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