Horncastle's West St. Shops & Sights

The photo favourites post seem to go down well, and more importantly, load reasonably quickly. One hopes 4g speeds will help surfing searches. Many places have good Wifi available too. West St is oft neglected by visitors, but it's one of the first places I go to if looking for something for the flat, or somewhere to relax inbetween jobs. Certainly, it's not short on interesting premises, that officially start after the Fighting Cocks corner. For this post Bridge St., being   west of the market, is included.
(Shops, Pubs & even Banks, come & go. This is a snapshot of the town at that time)

Map Dispensery
Map sale point with town map

The £1 maps are helpful, although the town is layed out N,S,E,W. The antique dealers also have their own little placemarker maps as highlighted in the Antiques post.

Tearoom At The Bridge
Sunny cottage with  outside picnic benches
"Duck Sauce"

Under new management, a little bit warmer & brighter with a few regulars (& pooches welcomed), Wifi & a strong showing of home baked cakes, chutneys & soups.

West St. Books (closed) now Thai Restaurant
formidable array of old tomes in floor to cieling bookcases

Originally Good4books on North St, the owners deciding to regenerate the West of the town when the Earthborne philistine (lover of rocks) ceased trading.

Large detached Victorian wharf warehouse given over to antiquities
"West Side Storey"

One of the first places I visit if I need anything for home, the old warehouse is stacked top to bottom with good quality gear.

Restaurant & West St.
Sandbags out on a low lying rain washed street
"Clean Round The Bend"

The West St. corner with Shakesby's entrance and Horncastle Antiques yon side Benton's Coffee. Nothing will stop the Bain if it overtops and decides to come thru again.

Public House
Tall 3storey pub building with pub sign
"Sunnyside Up"

Another premise under new management, The Fighting Cocks having a long history in the town, and popular for company doos.

Lunn & Dodson Wharf
Big square 3storey warehhouse with large company lettering on it's sides
"Sloopy Do"

A building immediately redundant, built for the northern canal arm that was usurped by the railway down West St.

Horncastle Antiques
Large blue & white dealership buildings with car park
"Bay Watch"

The Horncastle Antiques dealership, taken thru a murky attic window.

The Bridge Street
Looking down across a river bridge to shops on other side of road

Travis Perkins, Bunny's Pine and Carmen's Antiquarias shop with the bridge over the Bain.

Schools History
whitewashed building with commemorative Georgian plaque as infants school
"Wat son?"

The canal brought trade; West St. became cottage industries; Kids were in the road....the dawn of 'education', parents too busy to parent.

Pine Shop
obvious pine furniture items in cavernous shop

On the Bridge, the pine antiques full of farmhouse and Wolds cottage items.

hair salon with sports car out front
"Woad is me"

The hairdresser has moved further out on that side of town to the opposite end of West street, and is that a hairdresser's car out front...

Milk Bar
obvious milkbar cafe frontage
"Tucker Take Out"

The milkshake cafe selling cupcakes and burgers, I always go in for a fried mushroom or onion bap & a coffee

Snowy Bain Bank.
Very snowy hedge & river bank scene
"Bain Fluff"

Horncastle gets the odd snow flurry, but not as much as the Wolds or places NW of Scunthorpe.

Standard launderette in yellow & blue
"Heap Big Bubble"

Why leave the missus a Dickensian chore as soon as you get home....stop for a coffee and meal and get the washing washed, dried & bagged....

small lit bar with glass display for food & rows of bottles
"Coffee Corner"

Another eatery under new management. A favourite at dinnertime with smart phone users using the Wifi.

carved chinese tableaux under glass as a coffee table

What used to be the mainstay for cyclists in the town, became an attractive nook for rare curios. Since Closed.

West St., station end.
West St sign surrounded by greenery.
"Wild West"

The Lincoln Rd. never existed until Victorian times meant a cut down the hill from Shearman's Wath Rd. would mean easy access to the canal and later railway, hence West St is also seen across the road.

Public House
Usual early Georgian whitewashed pub frontage with red pubsign
"Crown's Nest"

The Crown with it's regulars and karaoke nights often one of the liveliest joints in the town, especially during sporting or holiday events.

Banqueting Suite
5 storeys of scaffold on old victorian building against dark grey skies
"Bridge Too Far"

The Feb 2008 tremor brought forward the maintenance schedule of many buildings. The old banqueting rooms, lately the Wania at the start of Bridge St. heading to West St.

Tall grand polished clock & polished floors in antique emporium

The large complex on Bridge St. / West St. can take an hour to wander around, a variety of rarities from the myriad dealers.

Art Deco
painting of lady's face over Mind your Head sign on stairs

Imaginative use of a painting over a low stair lintel; more serendipity from the Artful Dodger album.

Joseph Banks Centre
New world plants garden adjacent Georgian wharf building
"Austral Travel"

Joseph Banks Centre just along to the west off the market, with an unrivalled craft gifts selection & Tribute garden.

Thai Restaurant
shopfrontage with hint of car parking at side
"Thai Tonic"

Last but not least, The Thai Dining Room, fount of happy reviews. Phil was a long time Pacific resident and tries to source pukka ingredients whenever he can.

v.small animated critter eating stalks

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