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Some Immigration-Population Facts
In order to match England's population density of 413 people per square kilometre, the other EU countries would have to take in the following numbers of migrants:
Austria....26.4 Million
Denmark....12.4 Million
France...162.3 Million
Germany....65.6 Million
Greece....42.8 Million
Italy....64.7 Million
Poland....90.5 Million
Romania....79.4 Million
Spain...162.1 Million
Sweden...176.3 Million

Conversely, if England had the same population density as France, her population would be 14.5 Million.
These dangerous and corrosive imbalances are reflected in every area in which the EU (France & Germany) has authority over Britain, from Steel, Fishing and Mines to Tampons & Bananas...
In October 2017 our sovereignty is automatically passed to the EU , the treaties that were lodged last year come into operation and after that date all type of referendums are banned by the EU.

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 Andrea Jenkyns MP  (Ousted shadow chancellor) 

 Iain Duncan Smith MP  (prev. Work & Pensions) 

 Penny Mordaunt MP  UK Armed Forces 

 Michael Gove MP  Justice Minister 

 Andrea Leadsom MP  Energy Minister 

 Kate Hoey MP  (shadow) Sports Minister 

 Priti Patel MP  Minister for Employment 

 David Davis MP  Civil Libertarian 

 John Redwood MP  Rothschild Bankers 

 Steve Hilton  prev. Cameron Strategist 

 Boris Johnson MP  prev. London Mayor 

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