Classic Cars seen (in Horncastle) Lincs

Cars have come full circle from motorised wagons to boxy vintage, to 60's style & back to little boxes again. Much modern 'styling' is evocative of the American Stealth, angular and almost anti-aerodynamic; I wonder if it has to do with the drugs, or lack of, imbibed by designers - the weed of the Sixties engendering sexy curvaceous    machines 

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Like the olde buildings in Horncastle, the vehicles that make their way through Lincolnshire show what has been possible, and what modern design and life is missing; the memories from youth pleasant reminders and a welcome reality check in this faster paced era. So with 4 albums of them, it's perhaps time to choose my favourites...

  1965 Citroen
Spare wheel in engine compartment
"Bumper car"

Quite a few of these around in my childhood. Comfortable, aerodynamic & different.

soft-top in supermarket car park
"Swede spot"

What changes to society, if James Bond movies had kept to specifics instead of fantasy.

  Ford Granada
large silver car with town monument reflection on bonnet
"Zodiac Mindwarp"

I had my initiation to the roads in an estate version of one of these as a taxi driver. A comfortable powerful ride despite the suspension.

White American pick-up at dusk in car-park

Capable of pulling an articulated trailer if a 5th wheel is fitted, the workhorse of the mid-west, vietnam era.

  Sunbeam Alpine
orange 60's sports car
"Jesus Wants Me"

The Roots Group Hillmans, Singers & Sunbeams from a friendly injectionless era of slow acceleration and sedate, sane, handling.

small pink mini ice-cream van

Occasionally a small ice cream van would turn up the street in the 60's, but this about as dinky as they can go.

  '49 Chrysler
large light blue '40's American car

One of the original moonshine era Chryslers. Styling & comfort.

  '65 Wolseley
small old pastel green car negotiating a turn in car park

Wonderful little motors that did errands and made it to the coast occasionally.

  Robin Reliant
blue 3 wheel car on cobbled street
"Mean streets"

I hung around bikers who owned these because of the test vagaries at the time, never once was one 'rolled' over on a bend.

  '82 Mercedes
steel gray parked mercedes

Another icon, the stalwart of Europe thru the '80's, the saloon the workhorse of the economy.

  7.7L Cadillac Trike
Large v8 trike

This was lurking in the car-park, in amongst the motorbikes, at the National Chopper Club annual camp. A somewhat customised Cadillac.

  Hillman Humber
beautiful green classic saloon on grass field in amongst other classic cars at a show
"Comfortably Humb"

The Hillman line bringing out many marques that were later slated. The Imp and Minx giving way to the Humber.

  Bubble Car
tangerine orange 3 wheel smart car
"Tangerine Dream"

These, like the Sinclair trikes, would have been ok for the roads, if they hadn't ripped up the freight lines and put it onto the roads in 40tn artics...

  '78 Triumph
white rusty four door in car park

Something Mad Max might have drove if he had his kids with him. Headlight redundancy, spacious and aerodynamic.

  VW Camper
pastel green & white iconic microbus
"Micro Management"

These V-dub busses standing the test of time; noisy, but the rear engine far enough away to be tolerable.

  Jaguar e-type
Owner standing with bonnet up to sports car
"E by gum"

This E-type, found at Skegness, shopping. Features a tow bar & home-made exhaust.

  Porsche Sports
red sports car in chevroned parking bay with pleasant wooded background
"Ve Hav Bays"

Nippy little buggers, for when the VW Beetle panda wasn't quick enough.

  Custom Trike
yellow large cc trike parked infront of shops
"Sunday Chopping"

The professional custom build culture occasionally seen & heard, but pretty expensive for a commuter machine.

  '69 Daimler
old burgundy coloured limousine parked on street

Always a rare sight, the smaller engined Jags became popular for a while in the 70's.

  '58 Jaguar
front view of old burgundy sports car with chrome lights & grill
"Le Mans"

Another Jaguar, they seem to last, best of all the classic cars. This one winning the 24hr trials year after year.

  '14 Ford model T
Vintage car on sunny street looking like chitty chitty bang bang
"Topless old girl"

The iconic model-T, helping to bring motoring and immigration westwards to the USA.

  '04 Cadillac
burgundy old motorised carriage

If a model T got you to Nebraska, & Cheyenne, then this was the vehicle that got to St. Louis 10 years previously.

  '35 Austin10
light yellow & black vintage motor car

Born of the '29 Crash, austerity was suddenly groovy. The Austin10 another name out of folklore.

  '23 Ford
Black classic vintage car

The soft-top carriage had become a proper car. This 1920's New York beastie probably has some memories if it could  talk...

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