New (2016) Businesses in Horncastle

I'm pleasantly surprised at the number of businesses that survived from 2013-14. It's hard to say what causes some to fold, whilst others keep going. Certainly a business plan of sorts helps; some diversification; a social circle and web postings on Facebook; other drum beating in the local, county, and occasionally national press; a sound product that's not an overly different price from Lincoln, Skeg or Louth (because folks will use £5 of fuel if enough bargains are to be had out of town, whilst pensioners can get there for free).. Still, it's not hard to sense the sword of Damacles hanging over 'Small High St. U.K.'™. Heading towards the 'Twenties' out of the noughties & teens, it would be good if locals weighed up everything in their bargain hunting....we've seen with the closure of the Red Lion, and Johnsons greengrocers, what the town might be like if folks don't spend  time & money locally.

(Shops, Pubs & even Banks, come & go. This is a snapshot of the town at that time)

olde worlde antique shop window Antiquarian! 

This was half the fishing tackle shop, morphing into antiques, right opposite the hotel door, so there's always a little captive audience.

Baby clothing in shop window ....more Antiquarian! 

Jo's baby clothes giving way to silks & laces and interesting furniture & oddments..

shop window with clothing racks Clothing 

The Catwalk alluded to in the 2014 post, but deserves it's own photo for their sign. Not easy providing a selection in one of the smallest shops in town. Nestled next to the charity shops, so that row quite a boon to folks looking for clothing.

Oval old pub premises given over to retail Serenity! 

The Punch House finally giving up the ghost (probably to the monk's unblessing...they didn't like the building seperating the Church from the people / market). A Spa & Hot-tub concern trying it's hand.

Small pizza shop in larger old premises Pizza! door to the Hot-tubs...Pizza! Looks like it's party time in the Wolds...

olde worlde Georgian tea-shop with cobbled street Food! 

Tanya (& her mum) branching out with the demise of Henny's. "Tanya's" totally refurbished with wipe clean upholstered comfy chairs & home-made cakes...

Small shopfrontage Beauty Salon 

The cctv and later hardware bike shop morphing into something completely different, as Monty Python used to say. A Beauty salon...across from the boutique & health food store...Horncastle's come a long way from it's farming roots.

Large shop window selling OAP & disabled aids OAP Scoots 

Maxicare scoots taking the place of the old Cloudnine crafts next to Myers empire. It's nice to see the  populace finally being catered for, just mens clothes and a phone shop required...

v.small animated critter eating stalks

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