Lincolnshire Writings

  • Lincolnshire Constabulary Crime Trends - News Releases, Missing Persons and Campaigns. Lincolnshire has it's city and large Pilgrim Towns & Resorts - but it's Horncastle that was even beating Nottingham - with 2 murders (& several suicides) per 6,000 population.

  • Rod Collins A local writer's wordpress posts on and about the town and Lincolnshire history.

  • Subterranea Brittanica RAF Stenigot History (Disused Satellite Dishes 13km NE) from a fascinating bunch of enthusiastic trogladytes. Most of the Lincolnshire sites are small 1 or 2 man Royal Observer Corps bunkers - but interspersed are the larger occasional old facilities.

  • Dave's Rail Pics Last Train To Horncastle 1964, from a site dedicated to Lincolnshire's old efficient trans-port network. Many recent Steam excursion days logged around the East UK.

  • Disused-Stations Horncastle 1855-1971, with a wealth of information on the many other Beeching casualties around the country. It beggars belief that the sweeping radii, calculated cuttings and gradients, tunnels and bridges, could be swept aside so nonchanantly.

  • Meanqueen - Life After Money Wolds On A Budget - for someone saving every penny, she sure get's around East England & Lincs. Many strange money saving ideas - I don't think she's seen my post on lava lamps yet!

  • Famous Lincolnshire People Roger Parsons World - a website with checked & verified links for further surfing, including Lincolnshire's Prominente.

  • Lincolnshire Life Bookshop A page of interesting scholarly tomes, some written by Lincolnshire Life Editor, David Robinson OBE MSc.

  • Vulcan To The Sky Keep the icy memory of the cold war intact for future generations, and the remaining V bomber in the sky.

  • Lincs County Council Map hub etc..

  • Ruined Abbeys of the Witham Valley Lincs Heritage Trust's guide to the 'Vitam' valley's rich spiritual history.

  • Photoreflect Some of Lincolnshire in focus, with informative commentary, Horncastle visits selected, but the wider site is more Humber oriented.

  • Cityscape Map A fun map of the town for those new to the area, although Horncastle is based on a simple N.E.S.W plan..makes a great bank robbery escape plan or childrens wall chart (vehicles not included).

  • Neighbourhood Watch Communications & Appeals for Info from the Police at Horncastle about things that go bump in the night.

  • Lincolnshire Wikipedia info Well worth a read if you're visiting the County.

E-Books & Kindles
  • Lincolnshire Follies To Buy For Kindles etc Fascinating series covering all the Counties, but Lincolnshire's bizarre monied Tsars & Barons providing a wealth of little known, spectacular, archaetectural follies.

  • Lincolnshire County Library has a small Ebook Lincs collection for loans; login with library card no., download to apps.

  • Amazon Mainly Kindles, To buy, pages of Lincolnshire books.


  • Pictures of England. "Exploring the most Picturesque & Historic parts of England.

  • Walking Lincs. Maps Of a dozen Horncastle Area walks. The Wolds can be Photos reasonably challenging, even for cyclists, so staying near the river is recommended for lite walking.

  • Flickr Stream. Alan Saxman's extensive Horncastle & Lincolnshire Photo Album. Professional standard, with old black & whites thrown into the mix.

  • Society For Lincolnshire History and Archeology. Some Horncastle Area photos and info, but mainly an archive of old Lincolnshire and how the Towns and Villages looked from pre-Edwardian times.

  • Horncastle Civic Society. The Blue Plaque Heritage Walk winds it's way around the town centre, and pulls together the rennaisance & social revolution of the Georgian prominente.

  • BBC Lincs Photos. The Snow of 30/11/10 was the result of several blizzard like storms with solid freezing for a month. Horncastle became a skating rink, and was cut off for a few days.

  • BBC Horncastle. The 'Dribble' of June 2008 followed the Feb earthquake, rising the Bain to thigh deep on Bridge St and inundating houses and some businesses.

  • James Conway Walter's @ Gutenberg. History Of Horncastle (read online) charting the ancient events in the town, through to Victorian times, with photos.

  • Woodhall Spa @ Gutenberg Records Of Woodhall (Kindle Compatible) charting notable events and giving the correct history of 2 or 3 often tortuous and embroided stories.

  • Old Map Co. 17th Century Lincs Map - the natural dendritic drainage in evidence, prior to the taming of the Fens.

  • Stone Circles Photographs of Barrows, Mounds and Circles in Lincs. and UK wide, and their landscapes.

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