me  Alan's on Facebook     I'm Al JR, but most of my early internet life on satellite scanner forums was spent as 53north. This was a blog about my adopted hometown, Horncastle Lincolnshire, at first sight, but hopefully a strong vision of spiritual idyll comes through that is often missing on most commercial sites. Born on the Fourth of July to a Scandinavian mother, I have Mongolian / Welsh ancestry, which upsets the local govt. box tickers when I fill in one of their non-discriminatory forms. My early years were spent making dens Gardens sign cut off to read as dens next to flowers and trees, caption Was denkst du- even if these consisted of rhubarb plants; being born in the Chinese year of the Dragon may have something to do with it. I was an early Visionary mystic, seeing things that would frighten ordinary small children away in 1968 that would become clear only years later. Despite laying crying in 1965 as I was ignored for a radio Late in the Evening, music quickly became a Velvet Goldmine of knowledge and imagination. Early attempts included big old Rubber Bands; later viewing Heanor Brass at the Bandstand in the park gardens infront of the library. Scrumping apples for Love tokens for the pretty girls on the street, together with a football and my 'Spaceball' boots, upsetting the neighbours with my constant Ricochets off their walls. Book after Book also came and went, with the friendly sci-fi writing of Robert Hienlein being read in entirety. My Astrological chart has the potential for white hot relationships - but thanx to Gemini, and a Neptune in Scorpio,white cold too - The Punk Generation begat of the Flower People. With a schizoid Scandinavian / Methodist parentage, opinions were never in short supply, and The Gospel According To Alan has yet to be turned on fully to the advantages of a lack of conclusions about other people. For a short period, the only Guiding Light in my life was an old 58 Ford and the Beer-Light brewery pubsign, where Wierd & Gilly practiced their guitar. Marrying and moving to the Tropics changed that to wrestling with Sun screens.

Big green sleepy dragon keeping an occasional eye open on thingsMyself Relaxing, Keeping An Eye On Things
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There must have been  Panic in Michigan  when we managed to drive to the in-laws in record time, with me having been a cabbie, and there was a moment on the Indianapolis ring-road when NASCAR looked a possibility. Despite Wearing It Well, the short marriage to my penfriend finally took a dive in a Small California Town, and I quickly found myself back in bedsitland.

The joys of satellite Tv(c15) & later smart-phone surfing in my divorce years brought new meaning to 2nd childhood, with the Teenage Wildlife available via 'Hotbird' or a Google bringing out beauty aswell as the beast. After Wilson's power cuts, Heath's austerity, the EU regs taking away British (workers) Rights, the Civil War in the Coalfields, the Grinding Unemployment of being over 30 and ineligible for Grant, Scheme or Help - generally living their lies in hope - a Mid Life Crisis is slightly more interesting with self-controlled possibilities, providing I don't become too Corinthian or Chameleon...or Comedian. Vegan since '83, with vegetarian lapses.... it seems to be generally Sweet Things...which is a bit diabolical, and may need looking into before it turns to erosion.

portrait photo of myself in summer shirt in an art deco mirror Started working life as a laboratory technician at Hoffman La Roche, thence Night security at Midland's mines and collieries. Graduated to Licensed Hackney (with crb checks) before emigrating in '88. Worked in US 2yrs (optical tech, pizza delivery, supermarket clerk, night security guard in L.A, etc), driving across the US 3 times. Since done mainly factory and warehouse work, including national van driving, labouring (c/b fork lift '98, renewed '07), crane operating, cleaning, and plastic pipe fabricating. Recently had First Aid, Fire Warden and Food Hygiene Certificates, also gaining A-levels at SE Derbyshire College - my thanx to Lewis, Thickett, Grüm & Sayer! In at University in '97, I decided not to go after my UCAS interviews showed militant feminism, obesity, predatorial baldness & premature greying, and that was just the car-park attendant. I've lived in Horncastle fifteen years, keeping fit with cycling around the Lincolnshire wolds. I had a season with Crowders Nurseries, cleaned at Tesco for a while, fabricated at Polypipe for nearly 3 years, cleaned at Dexter & Sharpe's mansion, filled in potwashing at Shakesby's Restaurant and helped Clare Boam's Antiques on the odd occasion; mostly whilst helping Baker Bros, and later Willets on Greenacres Home Park. I did a bit of chalet cleaning at Butlins, Ingoldmells.
workman upside down in barrel of blue Currently a cleaner at printing presses these last 11 years; also a keyholder at Banks and offices in the town evening & morning cleaning. The rest of my time I've been trying to help webmasters from other developing countries spending 2 years on Google/Blogger help forums, answering 10.5K questions about web sites and learning quite a bit about optimising. Blog by phone, and had good placing on the search engines with a previous Blogger blog.

if you need an event hi-liting on the blog frontpage. , etc!

Fast facts
  • At the movies I like to see: Star Wars original, Mad Max, anything realistic;

  • Last movie seen: 1989 Pet Sematery, Victorville Ca. Walked out ... , the book was better;
  • The Teenager Audio Test - Can you hear this sound?
  • Music I listened to: Beatles, Blondie, Boomtown Rats, Bowie...never got past the first display in Woolworths!

  • Best album right now: Gave it all away....try not to do
    any MEDIA these days... ;

  • Favorite author: Nels Winkless & Iben Browning;

  • Last book read: Climate and The Affairs of Men;

  • Best game right now: see 'Age 50' ;

  • Favorite sports team: Nottingham Forest 1977-84, never missed a home game;

  • I'm passionate about: every sixteen years..;

  • I wish I could: have meaningful conversations with hormonal hotel manageresses, gay proprietors and blondes in general..;

  • Favorite travel destination:'pre' ;

  • On my vacation I..:Sniff Beachballs;

  • If I won 1 million dollars, I would: Give it to the Kashmir Earthquake Appeal 2005 (£3.2 million);
  • me, author, b&w shot looking like a 60's Hells Angel
  • If I were a super hero I would: have a quiet game of monopoly with Lynda Carter, Halle Berry, Sharon Stone, Jane Fonda, Lucy Lawless, etc..;

  • Fashion I rather not see again: Us v Them;

  • My worst purchase ever: Nokia chargers. (x3 x €25);

  • I want my coffee..:With cinnamon;

  • Food I like: Mixing;

  • I don't like: Obesity in Politics, Banking, etc..;

  • Software I use: Operamobile;

  • Hardware I use: Small Phone;

  • I discovered the Opera Browser from: WAP surfing 2006 & Andre the Polska at Polypipe Civils.

v.small animated critter eating stalks

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