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So much of a Staycation in Britain naturally depends on the notorious UK weather, but forecasters ruin many planned coast trips and antique hunts - forecasts regularly don't apply to Horncastle, which invariably is bike ride weather when it 'should' be snowing or heavy rain. The terrible storms of winter 2013-14 never happened here; we had one tile off the Lloyds bank roof...

Horncastle Weather

  Earth centered on Horncastle with live cloud cover and colored Temperature

Keep an eye on the latest weather fronts moving in from the Atlantic and snow coming down from the North.

Tourists and visitors are often surprised to find that the bottom of the Lincolnshire Wolds tends to have it's own micro climate. Often the heaviest of the Westerley Atlantic storms are tired after their trip over the Pennines, tending to slide out to sea down the Witham from Lincoln and into The Wash. To the North they do similar down the Humber from Sheffield, and into the Sea at Cleethorpes, avoiding Horncastle.
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The Easterly winter storm winds generally get blocked by the 450ft high Wold and Heath to the North East. Quite often the weather at Lincoln is different to Horncastle which is different to the Coast, with only 40 miles seperating the 3 areas.

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From the Wold above Horncastle, it's possible to see the Nitrous brown smog that blankets Nottingham, and to a lesser extent, Lincoln.
At 20 miles the town is probably the furthest place to which   seagulls come to actively, and I can occasionally catch the North Sea's aroma, having been born and bred in the Midlands. In late spring, it's funny to hear the young crows coming up from the fen making seagull shrieks, as this is all they've ever known. Later in the season, after some time spent with inland rookeries, their call reverts back to a 'caw'.


  An angel seemingly crying on Radar infra red as another rain weather front heads into Britain...
Holy weather in Britain?..
..enough to make the Angels cry.. 

Local Weather Station
Long Sutton

Geo Info

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No matter which way you come into the town, it's downhill; indeed, Spilsby, out near the fens, is higher asl. This means the town is somewhat sheltered on all sides and practically surrounded by water courses; the Romans using this to their benefit with the erection of a substantial fort.

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  Snow Covered Skegness Beach
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The webcams for the coastal resorts of Mablethorpe and Skegness, like much of Lincolnshire, hasn't worked properly for years;
The Cathedral Quarter and Lincoln are a bit more reliable.

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Admission Prices
For the 1600th straight year, admission to the town for a holiday, to view it's history and tour the blue heritage plaques is £0.00...

 Antique 1889 Town Clock

Horncastle is known for it's flooding from it's two main watercourses, but in reality it's generally 40years between deadly sudden inundations....the last was 1960.... we're 13yrs overdue...

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Some Skegness Windfarm Facts
  • Britain gets 2/5th of the total European winds
  • Britain is now one of the World's leading offshore wind generators
  • The 54 Lynn and Inner Dowsing turbines are one of the largest wind farms in the World
  • Completed on-time and in a budget, of £300million
  • Capacity approaching 200 million Watts, over 100 thousand homes powered
  • Even a gentle breeze has the blade tips doing 200mph
  • Their columns stand in 60ft of water
  • Maintenance boats come from Grimsby, staffed by fishermen
  • They're 5.2km off Skegness and Ingoldmells
  • 72km of heavy duty electric cable links them beneath the waves
  • Blades are made of balsa and fibre glass - and in 2 years I've never seen them becalmed...
  Skegness Beach Info board with turbines in sea on horizon

   Horncastle Flooding Map 
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With a majority of Lincolnshire being drained through the town, the rivers can get a little exciting at times, but a large inundation hasn't occured since the days of numerous Trent power stations all using steam coal, the   Flood of 1960 gathering in a few hours of a terrific thunder storm.

Likewise the   5 Richter tremor, 2008, was the largest for a while and probably had more to do with Belmont mast than has been officially admitted.
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Or the ones they're are telling us about. . .
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A Horncastle Poem

I dream of the sound of pelican crossings filling the air all day long,

I must have my market browsing interrupted by inane muzak song.

I long for strangers and knowing no-one as I walk around the crowded streets,

I've got to find at least 12 varieties of the latest chocolate doggy treat.

And where is the mighty ring-road talked of so long ago?

Not that it will ever get used as it's easier to trundle on through.

I want my church Big, a minster monster; but I'll never attend, they don't sing My song there.

I want to be closer to the Sea, 30 meters is too high for me.

Then three times a year when I get the notion, I can drive half as far to slap on the lotion.

I demand the right to 2nd hand CD's, tapes and videos,

With the choice of ten chippies for seafood along the presidio.

In fact there's so much I want from 'down south'.

Perhaps I should just move to Louth!

As Published in the Horncastle News 2006

Here's another offering, at the  Letters Page about an ancient lane up to the Winceby Battle Ground.

Joke Supermario gif - Congratulations you've found the right castle

Some Anagrams of 'Horncastle'

San Chortle , Chants Lore , Net Scholar , Short Lance , Choral Nest , Telos Ranch , Snore Latch, Stolen Arch, Solar Tench , Laser Notch , Torch Lanes , Etch Lornas , Loser Chant , Sarth Clone , Hols Trance , Lets Anchor , Sconer Halt , Herons Talc , Then Corals , Slant Chore , Leach Snort , Central Ohs , Claret Nosh , Crane Sloth , Closer Than...

An Anagram Program will find untasteful versions..

The Lincolnshire Flag

The new updated Lincs flag was chosen after a competition run by  Lincolnshire Life Magazine and BBC Lincs. It features the Fleur De Lis representing Lincoln City, the red cross of St George, the blue of the sea and skies, and the green of the land outlined with the gold of the crops.
  (Made at
animated smiley waving lincolnshire flag

v.small animated critter eating stalks

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