Europeans asked to stockpile enough food & water for a few weeks

When Hiroshima & Nagasaki were Nuclear bombed at the end of WW2, the Americans could have kept bombing each & every city until 90% of the population of Japan were gone & the rest incapacitated. If you imagine the size of a thimble, then the yield & power of today's bombs is that of a bucket. As it was, the tectonic fault kicked at South Honshu in response to the bombing. Todays bombs cause the equivalent shaking of a large quake on their own. This minor tremor in the Horncastle area, probably around a 2.0R, caused carnage to the water supply for most of the Wolds.

Outside of the formidable blast radius, the chances of survival still depend on the wind direction, distance & shielding from the explosion & The Preparedness of the people. Being prepared and knowing a little about radiation can mean the difference between a whole town dying, or coming through a Nuclear attack or two. Or three. Nice. Becoming a 'prepper' as the US survivalists are called, probably isn't as demanding in the UK. No vast distances and logistics mean that food & medicine often aren't that far away, and a hunting rifle is liable to get you & the town in alot of trouble should you start using it on any foreign paratroops floating out with the fall out. The Russian Spetsnaz especially are trained to fight thru to the otherside of a nuclear bombing, and keep fighting until they drop, like crab apples on an orchard lawn. Going out to poke them before they drop isn't big & it isn't clever. If there's an occupation for any length of time, you could probably see hi-viz and military colours be banned amongst the public. I've deliberately not bought any green or militaristic trousers (zips & pockets & flaps & piping), and the same with shirts & jumpers. Blue, white, brown, green & black are liable to be verboten or haram.

After a bombing, the only place to be is inside, hopefully with thoughtful perspex in place instead of the broken glass, and following sensible precautions against radiological dust & fall out. Keeping shoes & outside coats away from the living area, & the hoover; blocking drafts, letting water run until clear if there's an interruption.
Looting (& profiteering) is usually a Capitol Offence under emergency powers, hence the need to stock up..

STOCKING-UP ON FOOD ALWAYS PAYS! Make sure you shop for long sell-by dates. I bought beans at 9p a can a few years ago...after some Cameron government, they were 30p a can.
Food doesn't often become cheaper, it is almost always going to become more expensive. I trebled my money, I wish I could have bought more. Beans are just one example, in practice, tins that contain alot of juice or water, like soups and boiled potatoes, are probably going to be better. Yes, canisters of water should be stockpiled, but keeping away from the preppy dried rations that need alot of water, makes some sense. Fruit is often one of the casualties of war, and was rationed out of sight in WW2. It would make sense to buy cans of it while it's cheap and plentiful. I've been buying spring water since Fukushima, and saving the bottles. If an emerging threat becomes apparent, these will be filled and perhaps treated to a few drops of bleach to keep algae at bay. If bombs have been detonated, then this article from Japan Times may help in Food Prep.

A medical kit of some sort at least for plasters, paracetomol, savlon etc.. is a good idea. Hands up those who can make a triangular sling for a broken arm? Didn't think so. A belt or rope is probably as well as a bandage to immobilise a broken limb. Half a paracetomol is good for protecting the liver in crush injuries. Antiseptic cream will probably be a must for burn or glass injuries. Authorities in Belgium have already handed out Potassium Iodide to protect the thyroid against radioactive iodine fall-out. Unfortunately, any ingested radiation tends then to make it's way to other areas in the body, so these aren't a magic cure they're made out to be.

The 60's Government leaflet "Protect & Survive" is worth a look if you haven't seen it before. Tv & Radio and maybe a phone txt is probably the warning mechanism now, many sirens having been decommisioned. The size and numbers now of any attack will probably mean little remaining in a target rich corridor of airbases like Coningsby / Scampton / Cranwell / Waddington. Norfolk & Suffolk and Rutland are likely to be rearranged too. If it becomes a population control war, then it's    Goodnight Vienna .., the multiple detonations and fall-out will reach a Chernobyl+ tipping point of loss of ozone and temperature drop that maybe Planet killing. Unsurvivable.

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